Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Motherhood is a gift in itself.
I wish I experience it someday in the future.
But, till then, I'll always remain just a daughter
yet I promise to always acknowledge how important
my mother has been, in my blossoming into the person that
I am..... today.
To My Mother.....
For All The Times You Gently Picked Me Up,
When I Fell Down,
For All The Times You Brushed My Hair,
And Tucked Me Into Bed,
Or Needed Something....
But Put Me First Instead.
For Everything We Shared,
The Dreams, The Laughter,
And The Tears,
I Love You With A "Special Love"
That Deepens Every Year.

Happy Mother's Day!~

1 comment:

  1. When we are
    6 years old: Mom Knows Everything!
    8 years: Mom Knows A Lot!
    12 yrs: Mom Doesn't Know!
    14 yrs: Mom Knows Nothing!
    16 yrs: Mom, What Mom!
    18 yrs: Mom's Outdated!
    25 yrs: Maybe Mom Knows!
    35 yrs: Let's Ask Mom First!
    45 yrs: I Wonder What Mom Thinks!
    75 yrs: I Wish Mom Was Here To Ask!