Friday, May 6, 2011

PKP - Everyone's Goin' Krazy O'er It!

PKP - Pyaar Ka Punchnama - is the upcoming youth flick from Viacom 18.

It stars a bunch of freshers, who are stealing all the gaze and the attention.
The songs are rocking, the visuals grab the eyeballs for sure!

Everyone's going absolutely crazy..... rather krazzzzzy...
over the promos that have started hitting the airwaves!


  1. The promos have fired the imagination of the youth. I hope this youngish film really delivers. It may well become the sleeper hit of the year in that case.

  2. The song "Life Sahi Hai Tension Nahin Hai" is going to be the youth anthem for the year.
    The visuals do remind one of the 'Rang De Basanti'-like frolicking of friends, but the movie promises to be nothing serious. Hope it's a fun watch.

  3. I am surely going to watch it..... looks like it's gonna be a cool flick.

  4. Cool post. Seems to be a cool movie. I wish all the freshers in it 'Best of Luck'.
    The film's tagline "Reclaim Laundayi"; says it all.... and it's likely to score big with the laundaas!

  5. Laundayi (laundapan, laundapanthi, laundagiri - call it whatever) zindabad!
    It rocks!
    The film should be a testament to why love sucks, and is a far inferior option to chill out than the male-bonding (the unadulterated stupid fun amongst friends) that we all can relate to especially when we're in high schools/colleges.

  6. Hey, I'm super-excited by the promos and the songs..... and by that super-hot Rayo Bakhirta, in his skimpy briefs! Can anyone tell me more about him, pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase?!!!

  7. I am overwhelmed by the responses on this post of mine. It proves how charged up all are about this upcoming film with freshers. The film might have a somewhat sexist stance what with the debunking of the romantic myth, yet it seems to be fun and exciting.

    I would like to tell Diya, that Rayo Bakhirta has captured the imagination of girls and guys (maybe the gay guys) alike. He is indeed super-hot! He is a renowned model, and had created waves way back in 2007 when he participated in the Mr India competition with his good looks, even though he didn't win the title. You might have seen him in "Aap Ki Antara" on television and in numerous commercials and ramp-shows. You could also have seen in a Punjabi music video that he'd shot for. His nickname is Billu, and anyone who likes to contact him can do so using his Google profile info, or his personal website, or through Facebook.

  8. Cool post. Seems like a cool movie.
    Will watch it for sure.

  9. Pallavi, you seem to be besotted with Rayo.
    Can't blame you for that though, he's hot for sure.
    Will be on the lookout for the flick, and for Rayo too. Hahahaha

  10. Saw the movie last evening........ it was the re-revised version that was ultimately released in theaters, our Censor Board has played the spoilsport.
    That apart, and despite the sexist bias of the film in general, it was a fun watch. Rayo was the perfect eye-candy and Divyendu and Kartik were fun to watch too.

  11. I loved the film immensely. I loved it so much that I have even bought the original DVD. It is surely one of the best films released this year.