Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mishal - My First Crush

Here's a pictorial ode to my first crush, Mishal Raheja, the television hottie:
Mishal Raheja was born on August 17th, 1979.
He is a television actor, and is yet to star in a film (sadly so).
He has been seen in a few commercials too,
my favorite being the condom awareness campaign where he had played the younger bro of Vir Das (they looked so much like real brothers).
Mishal made his debut with MTV India in their first fiction-based show 'Pyaar Vyaar And All That'. Then, he starred as the romantic lead in Anurag Basu's series for SAB TV called 'Love Story'.
I remember being completely besotted with the character called Akash that Mishal used to play in 'Love Story'. I used to cry when the character would be shown in pain, or pining for his love.
After the series came to a quick end, I felt completely heartbroken. To add to my misery, Mishal couldn't be seen on telly for quite some time.
He resurfaced on the small screen with three back-to-back reality shows, 'Big Money', 'Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka', and 'Maano Ya Na Maano 2'.
And, now, he has been working the jumbo melodrama called 'Laagi Tujhse Lagan' on Colors, running for a year or so. It's a different story altogether that I have grown up, and grown out of my craze for the Cupid-lipped guy.
He has been known to be a successful entrepreneur too, with his company called Party Hard Drivers earning decent profits; understandably so, since his dad's a successful businessman, and Mishal too had put his absence from the small screen to good use, in acquiring a degree in Business Management from New York. 
He has done a few ad campaigns for the print as well as the electronic media, prominent among them is the campaign for a toothpaste in his early days, and an awareness campaign for condoms where he played the younger brother to Vir Das. 

Keep rocking, Mishal!


  1. Mishal is naturally gorgeous. The smile, the glint in his eyes, and the dimples in his cheeks are enough to make women swoon. He might not be a great actor, but he gives better performances than many, especially when he has intense scenes. However, it's strange that he hasn't bagged Bollywood offers as yet, maybe he hasn't been serious in pursuing a career in the movies.

  2. Mishal's just a cutie, nothing else.