Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Harshad Chopra: High on Looks

Well, to be honest, Harshad is one of the favorite hotties from telly, for sure, but he is not a favorite actor of mine.
His killer smile, and his physique are assets, and that makes him high on looks, and on a scale of one to ten, he'll easily score an eight.
Harshad shot to fame playing a negative role in a serial on Zee TV, but his popularity soared majorly after 'Left Right Left', that aptly showcased his machismo.
He is an out-and-out alpha male. And hence fan following is somewhat limited. I have heard that he is too ambitious as a person and that again makes him a tad unpopular with his compatriots. However, after his recent success with playing the lead in the series 'Tere Liye', one hopes that some good projects will land in his lap.

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