Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sweet Vatsal

Vatsal Seth is yet another teen dream-boat. I started fantasizing about him when I first set my eyes on him in the television serial called JUST MOHABBAT on Sony Entertainment Television.


  1. Vatsal has acted in utterly forgettable films, he should have been more careful in his choice of films.
    He is no doubt good to look at, and his chocolately charm would have wooed the viewers had it not been for the dismal films he has acted in.
    He impressed me in "Hostel" though the film was full of odd compromises, and hence a dud.

  2. "Just Mohabbat" used to my favorite serial in my childhood. But I liked Harsh Luniya and Aditya Kapadia - the two kid actors - more than Vatsal (Harsh played the kid-version of his character) or the other actors.
    Vatsal is good-looking but I have seen him only in a couple of films till date, so don't know if he has good things lined up for him in the future.

  3. Self-development comes in those category which never stop.So you know beter...