Friday, September 18, 2009

Looking up, ahead, and beaming....

Looking for my raisins,
I came upon this realization
that we can never get back what is lost.

A dear friend had sent me a poem
a few days back, titled 'What We Lost in the Fire'.
I do empathize with the idea perfectly,
there's no returning, no regaining.
I choose not to remain disillusioned for ever.
Being divorced from reality, we lead only sordid
& miserably hollow lives.

I need to tide over my losses.
I choose to reject
my plain vanilla existence
for something fun & frivolous.
Will thus grow fresh raisins.
And give them to the ones who truly deserve.

I am looking up and ahead. Ahoy!

I am beaming! With expectations.
With desires. And, above all, dreams.

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